Verde Coffee Table

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In 2012, Pierric De Coster and Jonas Blondeel joined forces to create DIALECT.

Our name refers to the unique design language of each individual working on a project. Pierric trained as an architect. He likes to think through the entire design process and makes sure every object finds its place in a greater spatial frame. Jonas is more a man of action, focusing on the material and technical aspects. Both their creative languages (or dialects) are essential to the end-result. Form and function are always intertwined. The entire process, from prototype to finishing, is seized as an opportunity to create a durable, honest and universal design.

Verde Coffee Table is the result of a quest for harmony between steel and marble. A great deal of time and effort was invested in finding the right balance between the different characteristics of every material. The table top in rich green marble with a distinctive light veining is combined with black steel. Shapes and textures are equally balanced, while subtlety is key. The abstract lines contribute to the idea of creating an object which does not impose itself on its surroundings. D I A L E C T designs contemporary objects that will stand the test of time. A combination of fine craftsmanship and honest materials, as a contribution to sustainable living.


Verde Coffee Table dimensions: 47.2" Wide x 31.5" Deep x 8.6" High


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