Dining Tables

Explore our diverse collection of mid-century modern and industrial style dining room tables. Finding the right dining table for your space needs to reflect your style or function as a stunning focal point for your dining room. For as long as we have been enjoying meals with another, the table has been a constant throughout history. Industry West has a collection of dining tables that are not only sure to impress, but we know you’ll find a piece you’ll want to hold on to for a lifetime. With a variety of styles, finishes, and sizes, peruse our selection today to find your remarkably designed dining table.

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  1. Ally Table
    Ally Table
  2. Sanba Table
    Sanba Table
    Regular Price $925 Special Price $300
  3. Tafel Terrazzo Table
    Tafel Terrazzo Table
    Regular Price $1,100 Special Price $350
  4. Coco Bistro Table
    Coco Bistro Table
    Regular Price $895 Special Price $400
  5. Master Dining Table
    Master Dining Table
  6. Parquette Dining Table Large
    Parquette Dining Table Large
  7. Parquette Dining Table
    Parquette Dining Table
  8. Master Dining Table Large
    Master Dining Table Large
  9. Pompei Dining Table Large
    Pompei Dining Table Large
  10. Pompei Dining Table
    Pompei Dining Table
  11. Slice Dining Table
    Slice Dining Table
  12. Berlin Table
    Berlin Table
  13. Industry West Arbor Table Large
    Arbor Dining Table Large
  14. Arbor Dining Table
    Arbor Dining Table
  15. Helix Table
    Helix Table
  16. Four Square Table
    Four Square Table
  17. Bistro Table
    Bistro Table

52 Items

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