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Whether penning a masterpiece, becoming inspired for a life-changing idea or continuing to devote your life’s work to your passion, we take for granted how many great moments can happen whilst sitting at an office desk. Synonymous with hard work and perseverance, we have come to underestimate how much of our lives are spent behind an office desk. Seeking inspiration for a novel or growing piece. Designed to accommodate full computer setups or old-fashioned handwriting, Industry West has the finest collection of contemporary and minimalist style computer desks. Perfect for any trendy office or elegantly designed home office, peruse our line of chic and distinguished desks to upgrade any space.

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  1. Origami Desk
    Origami Desk
  2. Verso Writing Desk
    Verso Writing Desk
  3. Regine Children's Desk
    Regine Children's Desk
  4. Oliver Desk
    Oliver Desk

19 Items

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