Modern Tables For Dinner, Coffee And Home Accents

For as long as man has been crafting furniture, tables have been at the heart of social interaction. Whether it’s a family enjoying a meal or nations fostering peace, the table is where all walks of life come together. Our collection of modern, industrial style tables - from side tables, dinner tables, kitchen tables or coffee tables - are crafted to the highest standards of quality. With multiple designs available in wood and metal materials, Industry West has the perfect table to center any room.

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  1. Terrazzo Side Table
    Terrazzo Side Table
  2. Terrazzo Coffee Table
    Terrazzo Coffee Table
  3. Spindle Nightstand
    Spindle Nightstand
  4. Tripod Coffee Table
    Tripod Coffee Table
  5. Bok Side Table
    Bok Side Table
  6. Thick Top Side Table Low
    Thick Top Side Table Low
  7. Thick Top Side Table High
    Thick Top Side Table High
  8. Draper Coffee Table
    Draper Coffee Table
  9. Cane Media Console
    Cane Media Console
  10. Cane Sideboard
    Cane Sideboard
  11. Plateau Side Table
    Plateau Side Table
  12. Caliber Bar Table
    Caliber Bar Table
  13. Tig Dining Table
    Tig Dining Table
  14. Anatole Side Table
    Anatole Side Table
  15. Eugenie Coffee Table
    Eugenie Coffee Table
  16. Draper Side Table
    Draper Side Table
  17. Ally Table
    Ally Table
  18. Sanba Table
    Sanba Table
    Regular Price $925 Special Price $300
  19. Slate Terrazzo Side Table Large
    Slate Terrazzo Side Table Large
  20. Slate Terrazzo Side Table
    Slate Terrazzo Side Table
  21. Studio Terrazzo Table
    Studio Terrazzo Table
  22. Tafel Terrazzo Coffee Table
    Tafel Terrazzo Coffee Table
  23. Tafel Terrazzo Table
    Tafel Terrazzo Table
    Regular Price $1,100 Special Price $350
  24. Coco Bistro Table
    Coco Bistro Table
    Regular Price $895 Special Price $400
  25. Master Dining Table
    Master Dining Table
  26. Parquette Dining Table Large
    Parquette Dining Table Large
  27. Parquette Dining Table
    Parquette Dining Table
  28. Master Dining Table Large
    Master Dining Table Large
  29. Pompei Dining Table Large
    Pompei Dining Table Large
  30. Pompei Dining Table
    Pompei Dining Table
  31. Slice Dining Table
    Slice Dining Table
  32. Madra Nightstand
    Madra Nightstand
  33. Monolit Side Table Small
    Monolit Side Table Small