Table Stools

Table height stools serve a simple utility, but when selecting one for your home or business the process can be anything but simple. Before considering what type of chair you’re in the market for, consider the style that suits you. With an emphasis on modern design and a myriad of colors and materials to peruse, explore our vast range of table height stools for even the pickiest of shoppers. Both sharp and urbane, choose from a variety of dining table stools perfectly suited for the kitchen, dining room or other common areas.

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  1. Monet Foot Stool
    Monet Foot Stool
  2. Carbon Table Stool
    Carbon Table Stool
  3. Toledo Stool
    Toledo Stool
  4. Gustave Table Stool
    Gustave Table Stool
  5. Roto Table Stool
    Roto Table Stool
  6. Cap Stool
    Cap Stool
  7. Paheko Table Stool
    Paheko Table Stool
  8. Colony Ottoman
    Colony Ottoman Small
  9. Monaco Table Stool
    Monaco Table Stool
  10. Marais Table Stool
    Marais Table Stool
  11. Industry West Bento Table Stool
    Bento Table Stool
  12. Floret Table Stool
    Floret Table Stool
  13. Industry West Paddington Storage Stool
    Paddington Storage Stool
  14. Select Table Stool
    Select Table Stool
  15. Cheval Table Stool
    Cheval Table Stool

24 Items

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