Outdoor Stools

We expose ourselves to the elements because it is in our nature. Modern comforts like outdoor bar stools and counter height stools enable us to enjoy the company of trusted cohorts or bask in our solitude. Industry West has the finest selection of outdoor stools to immerse yourself in the outside world however you please. Tough enough to withstand harsh conditions, make your patio your own by perusing our full line of outdoor furnishings.

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  1. Roto Counter Stool
    Roto Counter Stool
  2. Cradle Bar Stool
    Cradle Bar Stool
  3. Roto Table Stool
    Roto Table Stool
  4. Roto Bar Stool
    Roto Bar Stool
  5. Cap Stool
    Cap Stool
  6. Monaco Bar Stool
    Monaco Bar Stool
  7. Monaco Counter Stool
    Monaco Counter Stool
  8. Marais Bar Stool
    Marais Bar Stool
  9. Monaco Counter Chair
    Monaco Counter Chair
  10. Verlaine Bar Stool
    Verlaine Bar Stool
  11. Low Back Counter Stool
    Low Back Counter Stool
  12. Low Back Bar Stool
    Low Back Bar Stool
  13. Monaco Bar Chair
    Monaco Bar Chair

21 Items

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