Stools For Your Home And Office

Bar stools create a distinctly classic look. No matter the materials — wood, copper, or any other — they offer a stylish and comfortable place to sit. 

108 Items

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  1. Marais Bar Stool
    Marais Bar Stool
  2. Marais Counter Stool
    Marais Counter Stool
  3. Industry West Public Bar Stool
    Public Bar Stool
  4. Counter Stool - Bar Stool - Industrial Stool - Modern Stool - Metal and Leather Stool
    Octane Counter Stool
  5. Industry West Bento Table Stool
    Bento Table Stool
  6. Industry West Marais Table Stool Galvanized Steel
    Marais Table Stool
  7. The Singapore Club Bar Stool, a part of our new upholstered stool collection from Pure Home Furnishing, is crafted from exquisite, genuine, buffalo leather. The buffalo leather is thick, rich, and full of character making it ideal to produce luxurious
    Singapore Club Bar Stool
  8. Industry West Holi Counter Stool
    Holi Counter Stool
  9. Industry West Holi Bar Stool
    Holi Bar Stool
  10. Industry West Carbon Bar Stool
    Carbon Bar Stool
  11. Industry West Cadrea Bar Stool
    Cadrea Bar Stool
  12. Industry West Cane Counter Stool
    Cane Counter Stool
  13. Industry West Abode Bar Stool with a Leather Seat
    Abode Bar Stool with a Leather Seat
  14. Industry West Abode Counter Stool
    Abode Counter Stool
  15. Industry West Lucy Counter Stool
    Lucy Counter Stool
  16. Industry West Lucy Bar Stool in Aluminum
    Lucy Bar Stool
  17. Alchemy Bar Stool
    Alchemy Bar Stool
  18. Industry West Punch Bar Stool
    Punch Bar Stool
  19. Industry West Bell Counter Stool
    Bell Counter Stool
  20. Industry West Compass Counter Stool
    Compass Counter Stool
  21. Industry West Compass Bar Stool
    Compass Bar Stool
  22. Industry West Compass Armchair Bar Stool
    Compass Armchair Bar Stool
  23. Industry West Cane Bar Stool
    Cane Bar Stool
  24. Helix Counter Stool
    Helix Counter Stool
  25. Industry West Helix Bar Stool
    Helix Bar Stool
  26. Industry West Madewell Bar Stool with Wood Seat
    Madewell Bar Stool
  27. Madewell Counter Stool
    Madewell Counter Stool
  28. Industry West Machinist Bar Stool
    Machinist Bar Stool
  29. Industry West Machinist Counter Stool
    Machinist Counter Stool
  30. Industry West Singapore Club Counter Stool
    Singapore Club Counter Stool
  31. Industry West Clive Bar Stool
    Clive Bar Stool
  32. Industry West Prouve Counter Stool
    Prouve Counter Stool
  33. Colony Ottoman
    Colony Ottoman Small
  34. Industry West Spence Bar Stool
    Spence Bar Stool
  35. Industry West Bell Bar Stool
    Bell Bar Stool
  36. Industry West Abode Bar Stool
    Abode Bar Stool
  37. Industry West Domino Bar Stool
    Domino Bar Stool
  38. Industry West Jax Bar Stool
    Rosa Bar Stool
  39. Crane Bar Stool
    Crane Bar Stool
  40. Industry West Crane Counter Stool
    Crane Counter Stool
  41. Astrid Bar Stool
    Astrid Bar Stool
  42. Domino Counter Stool
    Domino Counter Stool
  43. Industy West Paheko Table Stool
    Paheko Table Stool
  44. Industry West Folk Stool
    Folk Stool
  45. Commercial and Industrial Bar Stool - Mid Century Modern Bar Stools - Pub Stool - Metal Stools
    Habitus Bar Stool
  46. Prouve Bar Stool
    Prouve Bar Stool
  47. Industry West Marais A Counter Stool
    Marais A Counter Stool
  48. Marais A Bar Stool
    Marais A Bar Stool
  49. Industry West Public Counter Stool
    Public Counter Stool
  50. Industry West Forge Bar Stool
    Forge Bar Stool
  51. Industry West Brooklyn Bar Stool
    Brooklyn Bar Stool
  52. Prouve Bar Stool Leather
    Prouve Bar Stool Leather
  53. Industry West Prouve Counter Stool Leather
    Prouve Counter Stool Leather
  54. Colony Ottoman Large
    Colony Ottoman Large
  55. Stride Barstool
    Stride Bar Stool
  56. Unfinished Counter Stools - Unfinished Counter Bench Stool - Schoolhouse Stools Unfinished.
    Stride Counter Stool
  57. Industry West Kettle Barstool
    Kettle Bar Stool
  58. Industry West Carbon Table Stool
    Carbon Table Stool
  59. Industry West Carbon Counter Stool
    Carbon Counter Stool
  60. Cadrea Counter Stool
    Cadrea Counter Stool
  61. Industry West Abode Bar Stool with a Wood Seat
    Abode Bar Stool with a Wood Seat
  62. Industry West Abode Counter Stool with a Wood Seat
    Abode Counter Stool with a Wood Seat
  63. Industry West Zurich Bar Stool
    Zurich Bar Stool
  64. Industry West Enrique Bar Stool
    Enrique Bar Stool
  65. Industry West Woodlake Bar Stool
    Savoy Bar Stool
  66. Industry West Scout Bar Stool
    Scout Bar Stool
  67. Industry West Rimrow Bar Stool
    Rimrow Bar Stool
  68. Industry West Compass Armchair Counter Stool
    Compass Armchair Counter Stool