Stellar Chair

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The Stellar Chair is timeless design meant for use on a daily basis. Its shape comes from childhood memories of traditional 1950s wooden school chairs with their simple yet functional use of materials. Reinvented into a 21st-century stackable monobloc plastic chair, the star-like, triangular volumes on the rear and bottom parts emphasize the load-bearing function of these structures. Combined, they form a pleasant aesthetic contrast with the soft and welcoming ergonomics of both seat and backrest.

The Stellar Chair is stackable, UV resistant and molded from delicately textured polypropylene air injection technology perfect for interior or exterior use.

Designed by Sander Mulder. Swatches available upon request.


Stellar Chair dimensions: 21.45" wide x 20.8" deep x 32" high; Seat height: 17.5"


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OVERALL: 21.45” Wide x 20.8” Deep x 32” High

SEAT HEIGHT: 17.5" High