Stage Bookshelf

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To paint a ceiling, painters use two stairs spaced apart an connect them together with a thick board, set a certain height, to use it as a plane for walking and reaching a wider surface. This concept inspired the idea for this bookshelf.

The Stage Bookshelf can be attached to several in a row to create a long library wall filled with books and design elements.

Designed by Mario Mazzer who gained experience in the 70s working with masters of Italian design, as Achille Castiglioni and Marco Zanuso. In 1980 he opened his studio at Conegliano Veneto, Italy where he started to develop his own personal design language. He carries out activities in various fields, from architecture to industrial design, in which he contributes to the cultural debate on design in conventions and conferences.

Constructed of oak wood and plastic shelving for easy maintenance. 


Stage Bookshelf dimensions: 39.3" Long x 15.7" Wide x 66.9" High; Additional dimensions provided in spec drawing in product images. Dimensions in drawing listed in mm


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