When it comes to modern loveseats, the old adage remains true — less is more. For rooms tight on space, a loveseat can be the ideal middle-ground to bring a plush and luxurious seating option to any room. Smaller than a full-size sofa, and yet with more leeway to stretch out than an armchair, a contemporary loveseat is an inviting piece aptly suited to compliment anyone’s tastes. At Industry West, our selection of modern loveseats have clean lines and design components befitting of current sofa trends, resulting in understated and elegant furnishings.

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  1. Industry West Caroline Sofa
    Caroline Sofa
  2. Cane Sofa
    Cane Sofa
  3. Hem Sofa
    Hem Sofa
  4. N701 Two Seater Sofa
    N701 Two Seater Sofa
  5. McQueen Sofa
    McQueen Sofa
  6. Ingrid Sofa
    Ingrid Sofa
  7. Industry West Emma Sofa
    Emma Sofa

12 Items

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