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Modular Sofas

With a full selection of exquisitely designed sofas, Industry West is also proud to offer a line of modern modular floor sofas. Whether your aim is to maximize limited floor space or you want to mix-and-match at a moment’s notice, modular sofas are comprised of multiple pieces to make a loveseat, full-size sofa, or even a sofa sectional. The room is your canvas and you are only limited by your imagination with these Nordic-inspired furnishings. Versatile, smart, and made with the finest materials, explore our selection of modern modular sofas to make any space your own in your home or modern office.

19 Items

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  1. Loom Sofa Corner Piece
    Loom Sofa Corner Piece
  2. Loom Sofa Left Angle
    Loom Sofa Left Angle
  3. Loom Sofa Right End Piece
    Loom Sofa Right End Piece
  4. Loom Sofa Ottoman
    Loom Sofa Ottoman
  5. Loom Sofa Left End Piece
    Loom Sofa Left End Piece
  6. Loom Sofa Mid Piece
    Loom Sofa Mid Piece
  7. Loom Sofa Right Angle
    Loom Sofa Right Angle
  8. N701 Round Corner Sofa
    N701 Round Corner Sofa
  9. N701 Two Seater Sofa
    N701 Two Seater Sofa
  10. Loom Modular Sofa
    Loom Modular Sofa
  11. N701 Three Seater Sofa
    N701 Three Seater Sofa
  12. N701 Corner Sofa
    N701 Corner Sofa
  13. N701 One Seater Sofa
    N701 One Seater Sofa

19 Items

Set Descending Direction