Slate Terrazzo Side Table Large

Slate Terrazzo Side Table Large
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Antonino was born in Palermo. When he was just eight years old, he began to forge iron in his father’s studio. He particularly worked with ‘soft’ iron, which is relatively pliable and thus easier to work with. He has designed an exclusive collection for a broader market. The side tables and iron bowls give off the feel of sculptures, and through their artistic finishing touches (painted with brushes and polished), they preserve the soul that Antonino aimed to give them. They will perfectly suit countless interiors thanks to their pure forms and ‘vintage’ tinted look and finish.

The hands of the Milan (Italy)-based designed Antonino Sciortino bring metal to life. Objects shaped from soft iron create a sculpture-like aura. The handcrafted finish emphasizes the soul we recognize in each object. Can be perfectly integrated in a wide range of interior spaces because of their pure forms and the vintage look and finish.

The Slate Side Table features a powder coated steel base, with a grey or white terrazzo top.


Slate Terrazzo Side Table Large dimensions: 19.6" Diameter x 17.7" High


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