U Table Large

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The U Table Large's minimal, open design will anchor any workspace and help create a stress-free environment. Manufactured from solid walnut using classic craftsmanship, the table is naturally durable and will last a lifetime.

This table is the largest in the U line with a 78.7" width. We are one of few American retailers carrying these handmade Belgian pieces.

U Table Large dimensions: 78.7" wide x 34.6" deep x 29.5" high


U Table Large has no specific warranty information.

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All walnut furniture is first tinted with coloured oil and then finished with natural oil. This finish forms a natural coating, protecting it against most substances and fluids, but is no complete guarantee against stains.

For daily care
• For regular dusting, use a dry, non-fluffy cloth
• For cleaning, use a damp sponge or cloth (not too wet!) with a mildsolution of water and natural soap (no detergent)

For cleaning & surface refreshing
• For refreshing the surface of the furniture when the wood starts to feel dry or for removing stains, ethnicraft recommends Osmo Liquid Wax Cleaner (3029). Do not use this product daily. The liquid wax cleaner is no guarantee against stains. View All Product Care Information


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