New Mid Century, Modern, and Industrial Furniture for Your Home and Office

If you’re looking to stay ahead of the curve and roll with the latest in mid-century modern furniture, be sure to check out the newest and freshest pieces from Industry West. From relaxing with your family in the living room to finding pieces that fit perfectly at a hot new startup, furniture with a modern or even chic retro look will fit right in.

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  1. Spar Wall Sconce
    Spar Wall Sconce
  2. Caliber Bar Stool
    Caliber Bar Stool
  3. Moderne Bar Stool
    Moderne Bar Stool
  4. Moderne Counter Stool
    Moderne Counter Stool
  5. Pole Articulate Sconce
    Pole Articulate Sconce
  6. Crunch Wall Sconce
    Crunch Wall Sconce
  7. Arlo Dome Pendant
    Arlo Dome Pendant
  8. Salt Pendant Lamp
    Salt Pendant Lamp
  9. Draper Side Table
    Draper Side Table
  10. Detroit Pendant Lamp
    Detroit Pendant Lamp
  11. Detroit Pendant Lamp Large
    Detroit Pendant Lamp Large
  12. Torrent Dish Set
    Torrent Dish Set

    Starting at $24

  13. Edgar Shelf
    Edgar Shelf
  14. Structures Rug
    Structures Rug

    Starting at $2,900

  15. Bellamy Rug Grey
    Bellamy Rug Grey

    Starting at $1,600

  16. Marius Chest of Drawers
    Marius Chest of Drawers
  17. Eugenie Coffee Table
    Eugenie Coffee Table
  18. Anatole Side Table
    Anatole Side Table
  19. Georges Armchair
    Georges Armchair
  20. Bellamy Rug Red
    Bellamy Rug Red

    Starting at $1,600

  21. Rubik Chair
    Rubik Chair
  22. Gustave Table Stool
    Gustave Table Stool
  23. Main Counter Stool
    Main Counter Stool
  24. Main Bar Stool
    Main Bar Stool
  25. Roto Table Stool
    Roto Table Stool
  26. Cradle Bar Stool
    Cradle Bar Stool
  27. Cradle Side Chair
    Cradle Side Chair
  28. Vienna Headboard
    Vienna Headboard

    Starting at $550

  29. Explorer Bar Stool
    Explorer Bar Stool
  30. Estate Dining Chair
    Estate Dining Chair
  31. Scout Chair
    Scout Chair
  32. Limone Rug Cement Grey
    Limone Rug Cement Grey

    Starting at $1,000

  33. Limone Rug Flax
    Limone Rug Flax

    Starting at $1,000

  34. Limone Woven Rug
    Limone Woven Rug

    Starting at $1,200

  35. Main Counter Stool Wood Seat
    Main Counter Stool Wood Seat
  36. Toledo Stool
    Toledo Stool
  37. Main Bar Stool Wood Seat
    Main Bar Stool Wood Seat
  38. Surpil Dining Chair
    Surpil Dining Chair
  39. Hugo Lounge Chair
    Hugo Lounge Chair
  40. Jean Lounge Chair
    Jean Lounge Chair
  41. Murray Lounge Chair
    Murray Lounge Chair
  42. Resident Chair
    Resident Chair
  43. Ibis Dining Chair
    Ibis Dining Chair
  44. Oscar Dining Chair
    Oscar Dining Chair
  45. Fullerton Chair
    Fullerton Chair

97 Items

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