Regenbogen Bowl Large

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Industry West's exclusive collaboration with Fundamental Berlin brings a collection of homegoods that are inspired by the Mathematics of Nature. Looking at patterns and forms that occur in the natural world Fundamental Berlin adapts and plays with this as a starting point for all of their designs. Those patterns and principles breathe through their products, bringing them to life, revealing themselves slowly.

Bring a rainbow into your home! The Regenbogen series is handmade from heavy crystal, and then treated with a special chromatic film on the underside that exaggerates and distorts crystal’s natural ability to break light into the seven rainbow colors. Now available in a show-stopping larger size.

Heavy, lead crystal ashtray treated with an iridescent film that creates a remarkable play of light.


Regenbogen Bowl Large dimensions: ø25 cm x H: 5 cm, Weight: 4700g


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