Rana Lounge Chair

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Designed by iconic furniture maker Nanna Ditzel the 3-legged rattan chair, Rana Lounge Chair, is one of the first chairs based on the idea of integrating a shell on a frame in one piece, and was the beginning of the re-discovery of the natural material rattans many properties. Nanna Ditzel's most recognizable piece, the hanging egg chair, is the first step in the design of the Rana.


Rana Lounge Chair dimensions: 29.6" Wide x 32.3" Deep x 29.2" High; Seat height 13.8"


Industry West's collection of outdoor products are constructed with resistance to the elements in mind. As with all of our products proper care and protection will determine the longevity of usage. Due to the unpredictable circumstances of extreme elements including rain, snow, and heat only products constructed of galvanized steel are protected under our warranty for outdoor use. Industry West reserves the right to determine if incorrect usage or extreme elements are the source of structural malfunctions.

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The Rana Lounge Chair is made of raw, natural, sustainable rattan. While not warrantied for outdoor use under our commercial warranty rattan has been utilized in outdoor furniture for over a century. If you choose to use outside, we recommend under a covered area, and to not be left in daily rain.

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