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Designed by Eliza Yokina for Romanian based furniture desingers Materia Studio who's philosophy is non-dualistic. Objects and ideas originate in the genuine condition of raw materials in which the weight of material – be it light or heavy – is part of its constituent value.

They are extremely conscious when sourcing our materials. The reclaimed wood is sourced from old buildings, bridges and barns from Transylvania, while all other wood is FSC certified.

A set of three, the serving boards are affectionaly named Mr. O, Ms. O, and Mrs. O to be a family of objects for kitchen, with fluid, irregular shapes inspired by nature and by the feminine character.

Ms. O: 270 (mm)/ 10.7" Diameter
Mrs. O: 220 (mm)/ 8.6"  Diameter
Mr. O: 400 (mm)/ 15.7" Diameter


O Serving Boards dimensions: Ms. O: 270 (mm)/ 10.7" Diameter, Mrs. O: 220 (mm)/ 8.6" Diameter, Mr. O: 400 (mm)/ 15.7" Diameter


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