Nudo Rug Small

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The Nudo Rug is a line of deep-pile rugs shaped like masks. The color-blocking design is reminiscent of the design of the 1970s. Designed by Sebastian Herkner, each of the colors used in these high-end rugs has a different pile height. The rugs are made from woare made from wool and manufactured in the Colombian city of Cajicá according to traditional Colombian arts and crafts. Each individual warp and weft is being interlaced manually. These high-quality rugs provide superior comfort for your feet and brighten up every room.


Nudo Rug Small dimensions: 63" Wide x 75" Long


The products of the Nudo collection are mostly made from natural materials and produced in small, traditional manufactories. As each object is unique, there may be slight variations in size and color. Wear and tear of any kind is not covered under our commercial warranty.

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