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From relaxing with your family in the living room to finding pieces that fit perfectly at a hot new startup, furniture with a modern or even chic retro look will fit right in.

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  1. Compass Lounge Chair
    Compass Lounge Chair
  2. Use code HOLIDAY to save 30%!Use code HOLIDAY to save 30%!
  3. Compass Armchair Upholstered
    Compass Armchair Upholstered
  4. Industry West Atmos Dining Table
    Atmos Dining Table
    Regular Price $3,695 $3,566
  5. Industry West Laguna Dining Chair
    Laguna Dining Chair
  6. Industry West Cane 02 Dining Chair
    Cane 02 Dining Chair
  7. Industry West Cane High Back Bench
    Cane High Back Bench
  8. Industry West Cane Twin Bed
    Cane Twin Bed
  9. Industry West Cane Hurricane Floor Lamp
    Cane Hurricane Floor Lamp
  10. Industry West Cane Hurricane Lantern
    Cane Hurricane Lantern
  11. Industry West Grafton Chair
    Grafton Chair
  12. Compass Chair
    Compass Chair
  13. Industry West Amigo Chair
    Amigo Chair
  14. Compass Outdoor Armchair
    Compass Outdoor Armchair
  15. Industry West Kennedy Bench
    Kennedy Bench
  16. Industry West Melbourne Lounge Chair
    Melbourne Lounge Chair
  17. Compass Armchair
    Compass Armchair
  18. Industry West Mac Sofa
    Mac Sofa
  19. Strut Side Chair
    Strut Side Chair
    Regular Price $175 Special Price $165
  20. Industry West Bruges Chair
    Bruges Chair
  21. Industry West Liam Chair
    Liam Chair
  22. Industry West Kennedy Occasional Chair
    Kennedy Occasional Chair
  23. Industry West Bjorg Chair
    Bjorg Lounge Chair

74 Items

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