Modular Monoblocs

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The concrete Monoblocs from Lyon Béton are a part of a concrete modular storage system which enables you to create your own design by stacking modules of different sizes in different ways. Possibilities are endless as each cube can be used alone or be paired and assembled to create a multitude of combinations that vary from room dividers, to shelving units, to end tables. Because of its clean lines, simple design, and use of a single material, the cube’s composition makes it an easy piece to match with just about any arrangement. Transform your creativity into something concrete.

Available in three sizes: pricing varies as size increases.

Due to the delicate nature of this item extra care is taken in processing and shipment, which can add some additional lead time to our standard delivery window. Please allow two to three weeks for delivery on this item.


Modular Monoblocs dimensions:

Small: 13.11" Wide x 13.11" Deep x 13.11" High; Weight: 33.07 Lbs

Medium: 26.65 " Wide x 13.11" Deep x 13.11"High; Weight: 50.71 Lbs

Large 40.16" Wide x 13.11" Deep x 13.11" High; Weight: 66.14 Lbs

Due to the unique material of this concrete item we are unable to warranty this product for commercial use. Any incidental damage that may occur to this item through use, will not be warranted for replacements.

Industry West's collection of outdoor products are constructed with resistance to the elements in mind. As with all of our products proper care and protection will determine the longevity of usage. Due to the unpredictable circumstances of extreme elements including rain, snow, and heat only products constructed of galvanized steel are protected under our warranty for outdoor use. Industry West reserves the right to determine if incorrect usage or extreme elements are the source of structural malfunctions.

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This is a fiber – lightweight concrete (less than 2 tonnes per m3). Its structure is reinforced by a steel frame. Based from natural materials (cement, sand, water, steel fibers), it is made by hand and finished in a succession of steps carefully developed. Pores, micro-cracks, possible variations in color are inherent in the material used and its application in industrial work. They give your furniture charm and its unique appearance.

Suitable for indoor as well as outdoor under temperate conditions. Clean with a soft cloth and mild soapy water. Rinse and wipe dry. For a better protection, we recommend that you regularly apply the following products: wax or water repellent / oil repellent for natural stone, marble or concrete.

If you use our furniture outside, we urge you to put in shelter during the “off season” under a veranda or ideally in a dry location. Don’t forget to clean, air dry prior the furnitures. If you leave your furniture outside during this period, it is imperative to cover it with a protective cover 100 % polyester coated with water-repellent : a waterproof, breathable, UV-resistant. You will find this type of covers in all DIY stores.

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