Pendant Lighting

For a modern lighting solution, pendant lights have an unmistakably stylish and captivating look. A versatile option in modern interior design, pendant lighting can be used to light a small area or illuminate massive spaces. The prevalence of pendant lighting has become synonymous with modern design trends in recent years as these elegant light fixtures span across many styles and looks. As opposed to flush-mounts, pendant lamps hang by a single wire or chain from the ceiling and are most often found in trendy kitchens. Industry West has a remarkable selection of mid-century modern pendant lighting, perfect for those who can appreciate clean lines and minimalist design.

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  1. Fauve Pendant Light
    Fauve Pendant Light
  2. Clarity Pendant Lamp
    Clarity Pendant Lamp
  3. Mila Pendant Light
    Mila Pendant Light
  4. Minaret Pendant Lamp
    Minaret Pendant Lamp
  5. Detroit Pendant Lamp Large
    Detroit Pendant Lamp Large
  6. Detroit Pendant Lamp
    Detroit Pendant Lamp
  7. Salt Pendant Lamp
    Salt Pendant Lamp
  8. Arlo Dome Pendant
    Arlo Dome Pendant
  9. Cera Pendant Lamp
    Cera Pendant Lamp
  10. Porringer Lamp
    Porringer Lamp
  11. Hammered Dome Pendant
    Hammered Dome Pendant
  12. Terrene Drum Pendant
    Terrene Marble Drum Pendant
  13.  (Default)  view  preview
    Terrene Marble Tube Pendant
  14. Industry West Terrene Bullet Pendant
    Terrene Marble Bullet Pendant
  15. Industry West Umbra Pendant
    Umbra Pendant
  16. Branch Pendant
    Branch Pendant
  17. Industry West Wickle Pendant Light
    Wickle Pendant Lamp
  18. Mill Top Lamp
    Mill Top Lamp
  19. Sambro Pendant
    Sambro Pendant

58 Items

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