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Modern Lighting, Industrial Lamps & Mid-Century Light Fixtures

It is hard to overstate the role light plays in our daily lives. It is how we see the world. Lighting can drastically alter our moods or change how a room feels. We may not realize it, but our choices in lighting say a lot about who we are. For the trendy startup or stylish living space, there are plenty of modern lighting options to match any taste. If you’re in the market for a new industrial style lamp, trendy light bulbs, or other mid-century light fixtures, be sure to check out our full collection.

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  1. Industry West Cane Floor Lamp
    Cane Floor Lamp
  2. Porringer Lamp
    Porringer Lamp
  3. Detroit Pendant Lamp Large
    Detroit Pendant Lamp Large
  4. Branch Pendant
    Branch Pendant
  5. Detroit Pendant Lamp
    Detroit Pendant Lamp
  6. Mila Pendant Light
    Mila Pendant Light
  7. Hammered Dome Pendant
    Hammered Dome Pendant
  8. Crunch Wall Sconce
    Crunch Wall Sconce
  9. Minaret Floor Lamp
    Minaret Floor Lamp
  10. Salt Pendant Lamp
    Salt Pendant Lamp
  11. Mill Top Lamp
    Mill Top Lamp
  12.  (Default)  view  preview
    Terrene Marble Tube Pendant
  13. Cera Pendant Lamp
    Cera Pendant Lamp
  14. Pole Articulate Sconce
    Pole Articulate Sconce
  15. Terrene Drum Pendant
    Terrene Marble Drum Pendant
  16. Industry West Terrene Bullet Pendant
    Terrene Marble Bullet Pendant
  17. Spar Wall Sconce
    Spar Wall Sconce
  18. Fibre Table Lamp
    Fibre Table Lamp
  19. Minaret Pendant Lamp
    Minaret Pendant Lamp
  20. Minaret Table Lamp
    Minaret Table Lamp
  21. Minaret Wall Sconce
    Minaret Wall Sconce
  22. Industry West Wickle Pendant Light
    Wickle Pendant Lamp
  23. Industry West Umbra Pendant
    Umbra Pendant
  24. Sambro Pendant
    Sambro Pendant
  25. Industry West Ingot Table Lamp
    Ingot Table Lamp
  26. Industry West Mineral Pendant
    Mineral Pendant
    Regular Price $200 Special Price $50
  27. Neon Lettering
    Neon Lettering
  28. Industry West Papyrus Globe Pendant
    Papyrus Globe Pendant
    Regular Price $140 Special Price $50
  29. 4 Inch Bulb
    4 Inch Bulb
  30. Arlo Dome Pendant
    Arlo Dome Pendant

90 Items

per page
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