Isabell Side Chair

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The beauty of the Isabell Side Chair is that it is instantly recognizable - seemingly plucked from a corner bistro of 1930's France. It is constructed of natural rattan frame and woven polystrand in alternating colors white and cappuccino, chosen to perfectly compliment each other and the space it inhabits. Rattan is one of the only sustainable materials harvested in nature and used for furniture application without any processing. The recycled polystrand weave is UV and weather resistant and will not lose elasticity even under heavy use.


Isabell Side Chair dimensions: 18.9" Wide x 23.3" Deep x 36.3" High; Seat height 17.8"


Industry West's collection of outdoor products are constructed with resistance to the elements in mind. As with all of our products proper care and protection will determine the longevity of usage. Due to the unpredictable circumstances of extreme elements including rain, snow, and heat only products constructed of galvanized steel are protected under our warranty for outdoor use. Industry West reserves the right to determine if incorrect usage or extreme elements are the source of structural malfunctions.

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Constructed of raw, natural, sustainable rattan and is designed with outdoor use in mind, preferably in covered areas. The chairs can stand showers, but we do not recommend daily rain.

The life expectancy of this item will be prolonged if they are stored indoor during wet winters. When used outside the raw natural rattan frame will turn grayish like teak after a few months.

We recommend that you clean your chair or stool with a brush and warm water 2-3 times during the summer season to keep the raw, natural rattan frame clean from dirt.View All Product Care Information