Hovy Armchair Counter Stool

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Industry West is proud to present select products from Sol&Luna, a Spanish manufacturer which has become internationally known for its objects and furniture elegantly covered in leather. Committed to the luxurious craft of leather, Sol&Luna's products are handmade and selected under an ecological tanning process. Examination of the finished product will reveal some variations of  color, graining and briar marks from scratches sustained during the life time of the animal.  All of which guarantee that each piece is unique.

Sol&luna’s leather is handmade and selected under an ecological tanning process: 100% vegetal leather – 100% cow leather – handmade finished – hand stitch leather  – designed in Spain. The leather is completely fireproof and therefore suitable for public use projects.


Hovy Armchair Counter Stool dimensions: Wide x 23.6" Deep; 25.6" Seat Height; Arm height 34.2"


Hovy Armchair Counter Stool has no specific warranty information.

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For the maintenance of the leather, we recommend to use either vaseline or special wax for the leather or hand creme as “Nivea“. It is very important not to let the leather dry. Do not exposure the leather to the direct sun or heating.

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