Whether it’s for the meticulously-designed modern home or striking contemporary office space, Industry West is proud to offer a full line of textile decor. We provide a remarkable collection of textile decor pieces, and we’re confident that even the savviest of shoppers will find a piece to suit their personal flair. From table aprons to luxurious kitchen throws and napkin linens, every item in our catalog has been hand-selected to not only look good —they’re also sourced with the finest materials. No matter what you’re looking for, we are confident that our diverse selection has something you’ll end up loving.

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  1. Linge Particulier Apron
    Linge Particulier Apron
  2. Linge Particulier Towel Apron
    Linge Particulier Towel Apron
  3. Loii Woolen Throw
    Loii Woolen Throw
  4. Linge Particulier Linen Throw
    Linge Particulier Linen Throw
  5. Linge Particulier Linen Napkin Set
    Linge Particulier Linen Napkin Set
  6. Serax Linen Pillowcase
    Serax Linen Pillowcase
  7. Linge Particulier Linen Pillowcase
    Linge Particulier Linen Pillowcase

8 Items

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