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Modern home decor pieces are ideally suited to add a distinct flair to every corner of your home or office. Come and explore our collection of eye-catching and carefully curated contemporary and modern home accessories. Through aesthetic prioritization and intentional placement, it’s easy to underestimate the impact decor both large and small can have on a room’s overall vibe. Industry West is proud to carry a full range that professional and novice interior designers alike turn to for their home and office decor needs. Whether you’re on the hunt for plush pillows and cushions, vintage rugs, elegant wall accessories, functional and appealing storage, or captivating art prints, we’re confident that our collection of contemporary decor and accessories has something for everyone’s style.

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  1. O Serving Boards
    O Serving Boards
  2. Staggered Planter
    Staggered Planter
  3. Marble Puzzle Coaster
    Marble Puzzle Coaster
  4. Tre Glass Set Small
    Tre Glass Set Small
  5. Tre Glass Set Large
    Tre Glass Set Large
  6. 1L Carafe
    1L Carafe
  7. Glass Tray Set
    Glass Tray Set
  8. Poster Clock
    Poster Clock
  9. Industry West Edgar Shelf
    Edgar Shelf
  10. Paraffin Column Candle
    Paraffin Column Candle
  11. Linge Particulier Apron
    Linge Particulier Apron
  12. Linge Particulier Towel Apron
    Linge Particulier Towel Apron
  13. Confect Pouf
    Confect Pouf
  14. Confect Cushion
    Confect Cushion
  15. Loii Woolen Throw
    Loii Woolen Throw
  16. Manipuri Cushion Cover
    Manipuri Cushion Cover
  17. Yoko Facet Tray
    Yoko Facet Tray
  18. Oy Squared Cushion
    Oy Squared Cushion
  19. Butler Trolley
    Butler Trolley
  20. Linge Particulier Linen Throw
    Linge Particulier Linen Throw
  21. Linge Particulier Linen Napkin Set
    Linge Particulier Linen Napkin Set
  22. Serax Linen Pillowcase
    Serax Linen Pillowcase
  23. Linge Particulier Linen Pillowcase
    Linge Particulier Linen Pillowcase