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Finn Chair

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Esthetics and beauty are in constant flux. Like water in a river, ideas flow, shift our grounds, move our roots, displace us – momentarily – until we take new hold and begin to long to be uprooted yet again. Visionary people push us ahead. They dare to give us something different and strange to blow our minds.The Finn Collection is a homage to designers before us, who have changed our dreams from straight lines to angles, from black and white to colors and back.

For the home owner looking for the perfect dash of uniqueness, the class Finn collection will speak volumes of its owner's sense of style.


In collaboration with a small family tannery, we have developed the finest saddle leather from cattle to adorn some of our furniture. The tannery’s craftsmen and women study the behavior of leather, and understand how to enhance its natural beauty and quality. The leather is washed and colored in large teak centrifugal barrels, then dried before placed in pressing machines Finally, each piece is in manually stretched to maintain the natural softness and elasticity of the material.

The color of European White Oak shifts gradually from light to dark brown the further one gets into its heartwood. It is an ideal wood for furniture making. It is resistant to decay and adaptable to fine finishing techniques.


Finn Chair dimensions: 20.86" Wide x 22.04" Deep x 32.28" High; 19" Seat height


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