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Industry West's exclusive collaboration with Fundamental Berlin brings a collection of homegoods that are inspired by the Mathematics of Nature. Looking at patterns and forms that occur in the natural world Fundamental Berlin adapts and plays with this as a starting point for all of their designs. Those patterns and principles breathe through their products, bringing them to life, revealing themselves slowly.

A few of my favorite things. This shelf can be hung vertically to provide a podium for the little things that have a sentimental value. It can also be hung horizontally to provide a larger platform for a telephone or plant in a hallway.

These pieces are handmade in Berlin from solid German Douglas fir at a facility for the disabled, where skilled craftsman work with disabled patients to produce these timeless beauties.

A feature of solid wood in this scale is that as it expands and contracts with the seasons, cracks will develop and grow, adding character and depth of texture to this piece as it matures. These do not affect structural integrity.


Favorite Things Shelf dimensions: L: 36 cm x W: 36 cm x H: 36cm


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