Ethan Side Table

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A marriage of opposite elements, the Ethan Side Table playfully experiments with contrasts. Designer Alain van Havre combines sculptural elegance and contemporary crafting into a graceful and airy form. Each component seamlessly connects with sensual lines. This blending of contrasts results in an iconic piece that is both refined and eye-catching.

French oak is unvarnished, and is treated with a lightening oil to condition and finish the oak while maintaining its natural finish. The black oak option is varnished. Varnish offers a good protection against stains, but even with this preventative and extensive treatment spills should be removed immediately. Oak and black oak wood samples are available through our complimentary swatch program.

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Ethan Side Table dimensions: 17" Wide x 17" Deep x 19.7" High


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For regular dusting, use a dry cloth. For cleaning or in case of a spill, use a damp cloth and natural soap. Wipe in the direction of the grain. Do not use soap containing detergent or other chemicals. Dry with a soft clean cloth to prevent spotting.View All Product Care Information