Dandy Chair with Wood

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The Dandy Chair is one of Industry West's high end, finely crafted Italian featured in our new line of furniture. Italy does not just define a place of production, but goes beyond: it indicates a way of thinking and living, that has been embraced in designing and innovating the idea of furniture.

Not just Made in Italy, but a perfect synergy between hand - craft modeling, creativity and technology, that makes our working method the added value in each product.

The Dandy Chair features a sleek silhouette with squared legs, a walnut, lacquered wooden shell, and upholstered in fine Fiore leather.

COMPOSITION: 100% pelle
FIRE RESISTANCE: BS 5852:1979 BS EN 1021-1-2:2006
PROPRIETIES AND ADVANTAGES : The Fiore leather is a bovine leather of European origin, corrected and embossed for enhanced grain consistency. Finished using water based system. This product has a pigmented and protective top coat, with a soft handle and a silky matt finish.


Dandy Chair with Wood dimensions: 22.8” Wide x 22.8” Deep x 32.3” High; Seat height 18.3”; Arm height 26.4”


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Grain leather offers the benefit of improving in the course of time and with wear, both in terms of softness and sheen. To remove stains, it is advisable to rub the affected area with a clean, soft cloth or use a solution of water and a little neutral soap that must be applied gently onto the stain using a damp cloth. Rinse thoroughly and leave to dry away from direct sunlight.

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