Copenhagen Chair with Leather

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With warm surfaces and elegant design, the Copenhagen collection is inspired by classic Scandinavian furniture of the 1950s and 1960s. The pure lines combined with gentle angles give a light, open and uncluttered feel to any room. Available in 100% FSC reclaimed teak wood that brings to it different shades of natural colors. The collection makes a statement about the owner’s sophisticated sense of style and design.

A very simple and stylish dining chair, which is beautiful and incredibly stable and comfortable.


The color of teak wood is golden like amber. It is beautiful, extremely durable and requires little maintenance, which make teak wood excellent for furniture. All our teak wood is reclaimed from old buildings and structures. We receive the wood still with nails and original paint, before we restore it and bring it to new life. We especially love our teak furniture for the story they tell.

In collaboration with a small family tannery, we have developed the finest saddle leather from cattle to adorn some of our furniture. The tannery’s craftsmen and women study the behavior of leather, and understand how to enhance its natural beauty and quality. The leather is washed and colored in large teak centrifugal barrels, then dried before placed in pressing machines Finally, each piece is in manually stretched to maintain the natural softness and elasticity of the material.


Copenhagen Chair with Leather dimensions: 17.71" Wide x 22.04" Deep x 31.88" High; Seat height 19"


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