Compass Lounge Chair Wood

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The classic silhouette of the Compass Lounge Chair exudes elegance and warmth through its combination of natural materials and unexpected form. A-shaped legs, inspired by the angles of a drafting compass, support the arms and reclined back rest, all made from solid teak or black ash wood. The slightly tilted back and wide seat of this modern armchair are available in a natural rattan cane, with either a white boucle, natural teak or black ash frame. 

The Compass Armchair works beautifully as a sculptural statement chair, or arranged in a pair in a formal living room. 

The Utopia Collection is inspired by the modernist vision that a more complete and innovative way of living could be built from the ground up through the power of impeccable design.


Compass Lounge Chair Wood dimensions: 23" Wide x 25" Deep x 28" High; Seat height 14.75"


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