The Pure Collection - Modern Furniture for the Home Or Office

Industry West is proud to offer the Netherlands-based Pure Home Collections. Founded by true furniture enthusiasts, Pure Home Collections operates from a love for furniture and quality. Oak and pine are the line's preferred choice of wood, but above all, Pure Home furniture is known for its use of exquisite, genuine, buffalo leather. Thick, rich and full with character, buffalo leather is ideally suited to produce luxurious, one-of-a-kind chairs and sofas

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  1. Jenson Counter Stool
    Jenson Counter Stool
  2. Jenson Bar Stool
    Jenson Bar Stool
  3. Filpe Dining Chair
    Filpe Dining Chair
  4. Bower Side Chair
    Bower Side Chair
  5. Kingston Stoolo
    Kingston Bar Stool
  6. Kingston Counter Stool
    Kingston Counter Stool
  7. Clive Chair
    Clive Chair
  8. Academy Bar Stool
    Academy Bar Stool
  9. Santiago Club Chair
    Santiago Club Chair
  10. Academy Counter Stool
    Academy Counter Stool
  11. Canon Dining Chair
    Canon Dining Chair
  12. Carlos Chair
    Carlos Chair
  13. Oliver Desk
    Oliver Desk
  14. Duke Club Chair
    Duke Club Chair
  15. Pompei Dining Table
    Pompei Dining Table
  16. Pompei Dining Table Large
    Pompei Dining Table Large
  17. Master Dining Table Large
    Master Dining Table Large
  18. Factory Bar Stool
    Factory Bar Stool
  19. Factory Counter Stool
    Factory Counter Stool
  20. Edition Round Table Large
    Edition Round Table Large
  21. Edition Round Dining Table
    Edition Round Dining Table
  22. Edition Dining Table Square
    Edition Dining Table Square
  23. Madrid Bar Stool
    Madrid Bar Stool
  24. Hughes Armchair
    Hughes Armchair
  25. Master Dining Table
    Master Dining Table
  26. Parquette Dining Table Large
    Parquette Dining Table Large
  27. Loke Sofa
    Loke Sofa
  28. Parquette Dining Table
    Parquette Dining Table
  29. Bolton Sofa
    Bolton Sofa
  30. Madrid Counter Stool
    Madrid Counter Stool
  31. William Club Chair
    William Club Chair
  32. Alfonso Club Chair
    Alfonso Club Chair
  33. Jenson Dining Chair
    Jenson Dining Chair
  34. Sabina Dining Chair
    Sabina Dining Chair
  35. Brik Ottoman
    Brik Ottoman
  36. Brik Ottoman Large
    Brik Ottoman Large
  37. Idaho Cabinet
    Idaho Cabinet
  38. Bryan Lounge Chair
    Bryan Lounge Chair
  39. Enzo Dining Chair
    Enzo Dining Chair
  40. Modena Dining Chair
    Modena Dining Chair
  41. Tristan Dining Chair
    Tristan Dining Chair
  42. Edition Square Dining Table Large
    Edition Square Dining Table Large
  43. Singapore Club Counter Stoo
    Singapore Club Counter Stool
  44. Industry West Roma Chair
    Roma Chair
  45. Brooklyn Bar Stool
    Brooklyn Bar Stool
  46. Industry West Clive Bar Stool
    Clive Bar Stool
  47. Nicolle Chair
    Nicolle Chair
  48. The Singapore Club Counter Stool, a part of our new upholstered stool collection from Pure Home Furnishing, is crafted from exquisite, genuine, buffalo leather. The buffalo leather is thick, rich, and full of character making it ideal to produce luxurious
    Singapore Club Bar Stool
  49. Clive Counter Stool
    Clive Counter Stool
  50. Industry West Academy Side Chair
    Academy Side Chair
  51. Berlin Table
    Berlin Table
  52. Industry West Central Chair
    Central Chair
  53. Colony Ottoman
    Colony Ottoman Small
  54. Colony Ottoman Large
    Colony Ottoman Large
  55. Industry West Essex Club Chair
    Essex Club Chair
  56. Durham Club Chair
    Durham Club Chair
  57. Channel Chair
    Channel Chair
  58. Ace Side Chair
    Ace Side Chair
  59. Jimmy Cooper Chair
    Jimmy Cooper Chair