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When did everything become disposable? Burner phones? Disposable digital cameras? Clothing? And our furniture, too? At PRMANENT we believe that it's time to invest in something of quality that won't set you back two paychecks. Something that shows you've come of age, that you're tired of building your own furniture and that you care too much to buy a sofa only to throw it in a landfill 18 months later. The PRMANENT collection - presented exclusively through Industry West - features the classic lines, minimalism and quality leather and fabrics you've come to expect of Scandinavian design. So put down the 400-page catalog, and find something PRMANENT.

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  1. Industry West Woodlake Bar Stool
    Savoy Bar Stool
  2.  Industry West Penelope Chair 117 Dark Blue
    Penelope Chair
  3. Industry West Emma Lounge Chair
    Emma Lounge Chair
  4. Industry West Boucle Sofa
    Boucle Sofa
  5. Soren Lounge Chair
    Soren Lounge Chair
  6. Industry West Topping Ottoman
    Topping Ottoman
  7. Industry West Soren Sofa
    Soren Sofa
  8. Industry West Emma Sofa
    Emma Sofa
  9. Industry West Canary Dining Chair
    Canary Dining Chair
  10. Industry West Savoy Dining Chair
    Savoy Dining Chair
  11. Capo Chair
    Capo Chair
  12. Velvet Lounge Chair: Unique Modern Velvet Lotus Lounge Chairs
    Lotus Lounge Chair
  13. Ardmore Lounge Chair
    Ardmore Lounge Chair
  14. Morgan Chair
    Morgan Chair
  15. Dune Lounge Chair
    Dune Lounge Chair
  16. Industry West Hero Lounge Chair
    Hero Lounge Chair
  17. Industry West Hero Sofa
    Hero Sofa
  18. Industry West Dune Sofa
    Dune Sofa
  19. Industry West Fable Lounge Chair Leather
    Fable Lounge Chair Leather
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43 Items

Set Descending Direction