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Notre Monde Collection – Tray Tables, Mirrors & Other Décor

Industry West offers Notre Monde's sophisticated and subtle collection of unique tray tables, accent tables, trays, mirrors and other décor items that blend traditional techniques with fresh ideas. Every piece in the Notre Monde collection has been designed to be both practical while maintaining a look of luxury. Each item is meticulously hand painted and curated specifically for our collection for a one-of-kind, artistic piece.

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  1. Industry West Limbourg Tall Mirror
    Limbourg Tall Mirror
  2. Lucy Bar Cart
    Lucy Bar Cart
  3. Dixon Bar Cart
    Dixon Bar Cart
  4. Halo Glass
    Halo Glass
  5. Golden Orb Glass
    Golden Orb Glass
  6. Industry West Caisson Round Tray Large
    Caisson Round Tray Large
  7. Industry West Caisson Tray Large
    Caisson Tray Large
  8. Industry West Caisson Tray Medium
    Caisson Tray Medium
  9. Industry West Caisson Round Tray
    Caisson Round Tray
  10. Industry West Caisson Tray Small
    Caisson Tray Small
  11. Industry West Glass Tray Large
    Glass Tray Large
  12. Industry West Glass Tray Medium
    Glass Tray Medium
  13. Industry West Glass Tray Small
    Glass Tray Small

32 Items

per page
Set Descending Direction