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French designed retro style chairs, tables and desks

Designed in France and made in Europe by meticulous craftsmen in collaboration with Les Gambettes, to rebrand retro design and bring the furniture of the 50s and 70s to current day.

12 Items

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  1. Suzie Dining Chair
    Suzie Dining Chair
  2. Vera Bar Table
    Vera Bar Table
  3. Vera Table
    Vera Table
  4. Regine Children's Desk
    Regine Children's Desk
  5. Suzie Bar Stool
    Suzie Bar Stool
  6. Colette Children's Chair
    Colette Children's Chair
  7. Mila Pendant Light
    Mila Pendant Light
  8. Suzie Children's Chair
    Suzie Children's Chair

12 Items

per page
Set Descending Direction