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TOOU Design Collection – Chairs & Other Furniture

Industry West has the pleasure of presenting the JOI and TA collections from our friends at TOOU. Products of Italy, TOOU furniture and their collection of JOI chairs is inspired by Hans J. Wegner and offers the option of two different backrests for the same structure, each designed for a different vocation, or use. Meanwhile, the TA collection satisfies the need for both ergonomics and aesthetics, with elegance and simplicity. The ’50s inspired design, invokes an absolute contemporaneity. TOOU’s approach to design is a combination of traditional design passed down from the great design schools of the twentieth century with contemporary and modern tastes. 

16 Items

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  1. Cadrea Bar Stool
    Cadrea Bar Stool
  2. Industry West JOI Twentyfour Chair
    JOI Twentyfour Chair
  3. Industry West Toou JOI Chair
    JOI Twenty Chair
  4. Cadrea Counter Stool
    Cadrea Counter Stool
  5. Cadrea Chair
    Cadrea Chair
  6. Holi Bar Stool
    Holi Bar Stool
  7. Industry West Stellar Chair
    Stellar Chair
  8. Holi Counter Stool
    Holi Counter Stool
  9. Holi Armchair
    Holi Armchair
  10. Holi Side Chair
    Holi Side Chair
  11. Paheko Table Stool
    Paheko Table Stool

16 Items

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Set Descending Direction