Industry West + Serax

Industry West is proud to present a curated selection of items from our friends at Serax. Serax items make your home more beautiful, give personality to your interior and create unforgettable moments around the table. All items are handcrafted and always made according to the design and philosophy of the designer.

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  1. Anita Deep Plate
    Anita Deep Plate

    Starting at $24

  2. Anita Cup
    Anita Cup

    Starting at $14

  3. Anita Bowl
    Anita Bowl

    Starting at $18

  4. Terrazzo Bistro Table
    Terrazzo Bistro Table
  5. Laguiole Knife Set
    Laguiole Knife Set
  6. Sanba Table
    Sanba Table
  7. Navone Lounge Chair
    Navone Lounge Chair
  8. Wire Fruit Bowls
    Wire Fruit Bowls

    Starting at $65

  9. Deco Cushion
    Deco Cushion
  10. Paola Cushion
    Paola Cushion
  11. Slate Terrazzo Side Table Large
    Slate Terrazzo Side Table Large
  12. Slate Terrazzo Side Table
    Slate Terrazzo Side Table
  13. Garbo Side Table
    Garbo Side Table
  14. Garbo Side Table Small
    Garbo Side Table Small
  15. Studio Terrazzo Table
    Studio Terrazzo Table
  16. Sciortino Bistro Table
    Sciortino Bistro Table
  17. Tafel Terrazzo Coffee Table
    Tafel Terrazzo Coffee Table
  18. Tafel Terrazzo Table
    Tafel Terrazzo Table
  19. Adriana Side Chair
    Adriana Side Chair

48 Items

per page
Set Descending Direction