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Industry West + Mexa

Founded in 2009 by the architect-designer team of Marco Betancourt and Sofia Gascon, Mexa produces high-quality contemporary furniture and decor by combining long-lasting materials with traditional Mexican craftsmanship. Referencing the work of Mid Century masters and Acapulco during the glamorous 1950s, the Mexa product line features a range of indoor and outdoor chairs—carefully crafted in Guadalajara, Mexico—which combine Mexican folk art traditions with classic modernism.

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  1. Mezcala Sofa
    Mezcala Sofa
  2. Ixtapa Deco Lounge Chair
    Ixtapa Deco Lounge Chair
  3. Ixtapa Rocking Chair
    Ixtapa Rocking Chair
  4. Todos Santos Lounge Chair
    Todos Santos Lounge Chair
  5. Acapulco Lounge Chair
    Acapulco Lounge Chair
  6. Ixtapa Duo Lounge Chair
    Ixtapa Duo Lounge Chair
  7. Sayulita Lounge Chair
    Sayulita Lounge Chair
  8. 1730 Bar Stool
    1730 Bar Stool
  9. Rosarito Bar Stool
    Rosarito Bar Stool
  10. 1730 Counter Stool
    1730 Counter Stool
  11. 1730 Dining Chair
    1730 Dining Chair
  12. Rosarito Counter Stool
    Rosarito Counter Stool
  13. Colima Dining Chair
    Colima Dining Chair
  14. Anais Dining Chair
    Anais Dining Chair
  15. Ixtapa Mesh Chair
    Ixtapa Mesh Chair
  16. Rosarito Palm Bar Stool
    Rosarito Palm Bar Stool

24 Items

per page
Set Descending Direction