Industry West + Karpenter

Industry West is pleased to present a curated selection of home furnishings from Karpenter. The team at Karpenter derives its inspiration from nature through life and modern art, from the fine lines of Scandinavian minimalism through French and Italian culture and tradition to the natural understatements of Japanese aesthetics. Karpenter furniture combines different noble and natural materials sourced from environmentally sustainable suppliers.

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  1. Serengeti Ottoman
    Serengeti Ottoman
  2. Serengeti Lounge Chair
    Serengeti Lounge Chair
  3. Vienna Headboard
    Vienna Headboard

    Starting at $550

  4. Copenhagen Sofa
    Copenhagen Sofa
  5. Copenhagen Lounge Chair
    Copenhagen Lounge Chair
  6. Copenhagen Chair with Leather
    Copenhagen Chair with Leather
  7. George Ottoman
    George Ottoman
  8. George Lounge Chair
    George Lounge Chair
  9. George Armchair
    George Armchair
  10. Finn Sofa
    Finn Sofa
  11. Finn Bar Stool
    Finn Bar Stool
  12. Finn Armchair
    Finn Armchair
  13. Finn Chair
    Finn Chair
  14. Finn Ottoman
    Finn Ottoman
  15. Finn Lounge Chair
    Finn Lounge Chair

73 Items

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Set Descending Direction