Midcentury Modern Holiday Gift Ideas From Industry West

Looking for something unique for that special friend or family member in your life? Industry West has got you covered. From items to brighten up an office to those that will warm up a home, we've picked some of our favorite items that you can use to stock a stuffing or place under a tree.

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  1. Aero Desk Tray
    Aero Desk Tray
  2. Industry West Fion Goblet
    Fion Goblet
    Special Price $95 Regular Price $185
  3. Industry West Ingot Table Lamp
    Ingot Table Lamp
  4.  (Default)  view  preview
    Terrene Marble Tube Pendant
  5. Industry West Caisson Round Tray Large
    Caisson Round Tray Large
  6. Industry West Hook Mirror
    Hook Mirror
    Special Price $85 Regular Price $150
  7. Bijou Side Table
    Bijou Side Table
  8. Halo Glass
    Halo Glass
  9. Last Notebook
    Last Notebook
  10. Stiicks Frames
    Stiicks Frames

41 Items

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