Compass Chair

The classic silhouette of the Compass chair exudes elegance and warmth through its combination of natural materials and unexpected form. A-shaped legs, inspired by the angles of a drafting compass, support the arms and floating back rest, all made from solid teak or black ash wood. The collection is inspired by the modernist vision that a more complete and innovative way of living could be built from the ground up through the power of impeccable design.

Encompass Style

Our new Compass chairs exude elegance through their combination of natural materials and unexpected form.

11 Items

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  1. Compass Chair
    Compass Chair
  2. Compass Armchair Upholstered
    Compass Armchair Upholstered
  3. Industry West Compass Lounge Chair Wood
    Compass Lounge Chair Wood
  4. Industry West Compass Counter Stool
    Compass Counter Stool
  5. Industry West Compass Bar Stool
    Compass Bar Stool
  6. Industry West Kangaroo Lounge Chair
    Kangaroo Lounge Chair
  7. Industry West Compass Armchair Bar Stool
    Compass Armchair Bar Stool
  8. Compass Outdoor Armchair
    Compass Outdoor Armchair
  9. Compass Armchair Black Ash Black Rattan
    Compass Armchair
  10. Industry West Compass Armchair Counter Stool
    Compass Armchair Counter Stool
  11. Compass Lounge Chair
    Compass Lounge Chair

11 Items

Set Descending Direction