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French Bistro Chairs, Stools & More For The Home Or Office

For lovers of the French bistro, there’s just something unique about this elegant and understated style. And bistro furniture perfectly sums up why this timeless look continues to stand the test of time. A staple of this style of furniture includes metal bistro chairs, much like the classically styled, meticulously crafted and precision welded grade A steel of the Marais Collection. With a full selection bistro bar stools, tables, and chair cushions, Industry West can help you create the 'bistro' feel you're looking for.

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  1. Monaco Side Chair
    Monaco Side Chair
  2. Monaco Bench
    Monaco Bench
  3. Monaco Bar Chair
    Monaco Bar Chair
  4. Monaco Counter Chair
    Monaco Counter Chair
  5. Monaco Bar Stool
    Monaco Bar Stool
  6. Monaco Counter Stool
    Monaco Counter Stool
  7. Monaco Table Stool
    Monaco Table Stool
  8. Bistro Table
    Bistro Table
  9. Marais A Bar Stool
    Marais A Bar Stool
  10. Marais Vintage Chair
    Marais Vintage Chair
  11. Verlaine Chair
    Verlaine Chair
  12. Industry West Marais A Counter Stool
    Marais A Counter Stool
  13. Flore Bar Stool
    Flore Bar Stool
  14. Marais AC Chair
    Marais AC Chair
  15. Industry West Marais A Side Chair
    Marais A Side Chair
  16. Marais Armchair with a Wood Seat
    Marais Armchair with a Wood Seat
  17. Marais Armchair by Industry West
    Marais Armchair
  18. Marais Bar Stool
    Marais Bar Stool
  19. Marais Counter Stool
    Marais Counter Stool
  20. Marais Table Stool
    Marais Table Stool
  21. Industry West South Market Chair
    South Market Chair
    Regular Price $275 Special Price $99
  22. Marais A Chair Cushion
    Marais A Chair Cushion
  23. Marais AC Chair Cushion
    Marais AC Chair Cushion
    Regular Price $35 Special Price $25
  24. Marais Stool Cushion
    Marais Stool Cushion
    Regular Price $35 Special Price $10

25 Items

per page
Set Descending Direction