Chanvre Rug

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This one-of-a-kind, vintage Damga rug is hand-woven and was sourced by Paris-based KILIMS ADA during its travels across the most remote locations of Turkey and Morocco. Thie unqiue rug's pattern is tribally inspired.

Using traditional, handmade hemp rugs as a base over dye technique is used before French designer Florence Bourel added some manually block printed patterns - using wooden block prints, a traditional technique from the Black Sea coast in the north of Turkey.

A cotton fabric backing has been added to make it more stable and easier to adhere to the ground.


Chanvre Rug dimensions: 110.2" Long x 72.8" Wide

Due to the vintage, individual nature of each hand picked rug wear and tear of any kind is not covered under our commercial warranty.

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You can use the vacuum cleaner on these rugs, they don't shed. As for caring, they have to be steam cleaned.

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