Wooden Chairs

Since the earliest days of civilization, the wooden chair has been a constant tool for remarkable individuals to work, converse, and temporarily unload the burdens of life. For those who tend to gravitate to the distinguished look finely-crafted furniture, wood has and always will be the perfect medium. The appearance of wood is unmistakable to the eye and yet there is a diverse choice across species, finishes, and woodworking techniques that it never goes out of style. Wooden kitchen and dining chairs fit right in at a cozy cabin, whereas classic wooden office and desk chairs instill a refined flair for the modern office.

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  1. Bok Chair
    Bok Chair
  2. Caroline Lounge Chair
    Caroline Lounge Chair
  3. Frey Dining Chair
    Frey Dining Chair
  4. Monet Lounge Chair
    Monet Lounge Chair
  5. Octane Chair with a Wood Seat
    Octane Chair with a Wood Seat
  6. Hilde Dining Chair
    Hilde Dining Chair
    Regular Price $435 Special Price $250
  7. Estate Dining Chair
    Estate Dining Chair
  8. Resident Chair
    Resident Chair
  9. Ringo Chair
    Ringo Chair
    Regular Price $175 Special Price $145
  10. Vigor Side Chair
    Vigor Side Chair
    Regular Price $185 Special Price $155
  11. Tauro Chair
    Tauro Chair
  12. Copenhagen Lounge Chair
    Copenhagen Lounge Chair
  13. Copenhagen Chair with Leather
    Copenhagen Chair with Leather
  14. George Armchair
    George Armchair
  15. Finn Armchair
    Finn Armchair
  16. Finn Chair
    Finn Chair
  17. Prouve Standard Chair
    Prouve Standard Chair
  18. Industry West Pilgrim Chair
    Pilgrim Chair
  19. Stride Side Chair
    Stride Side Chair
  20. Industry West Trace Chair
    Trace Chair
  21. Kettle Chair
    Kettle Chair
  22. Henry Chair
    Henry Chair
  23. Industry West Transit Chair
    Transit Chair
  24. Sling Chair
    Sling Chair
  25. Public Chair
    Public Chair
  26. Rubik Chair
    Rubik Chair
  27. Madewell Chair
    Madewell Chair
  28. Habitus Chair
    Habitus Chair
  29. Bastille Chair
    Bastille Chair

50 Items

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