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Upholstered Chairs

Choose from Industry West’s full line of elegant and functional modern upholstered chairs to perfectly complement your meticulously-decorated home or office. Our superior selection of upholstered chairs has been handpicked to satisfy even the pickiest of shoppers.With a range different styles, every piece we offer is made with the finest materials and upholstery fabrics, guaranteeing a longer-lasting life. Explore our collection of upholstered chairs today to find a stunning piece that we know you will love.

84 Items

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  1. Industry West McQueen Club Chair
    McQueen Club Chair
    Regular Price $1,200 Special Price $900
  2. Industry West Roma Chair
    Roma Chair
  3. Industry West Savoy Dining Chair
    Savoy Dining Chair
  4. Velvet Lounge Chair: Unique Modern Velvet Lotus Lounge Chairs
    Lotus Lounge Chair
    Regular Price $785 Special Price $589
  5. Industry West Morgan Chair
    Morgan Chair
  6. Clive Chair
    Clive Chair
  7. Industry West Hew Lounge Chair
    Hew Lounge Chair
  8.  Industry West Penelope Chair 117 Dark Blue
    Penelope Chair
  9. Format Lounge Chair
    Format Lounge Chair
  10. Compass Lounge Chair
    Compass Lounge Chair
  11. Compass Armchair Upholstered
    Compass Armchair Upholstered
  12. Industry West Grafton Chair
    Grafton Chair
  13. Industy West Finch Club Chair
    Finch Club Chair
  14. Industry West Duke Club Chair
    Duke Club Chair
  15. Industry West Churchill Wingback Chair
    Churchill Wingback Chair
  16. Dunhill Chair
    Dunhill Chair
  17. Olsen Chair
    Olsen Chair
  18. Industry West Emma Lounge Chair
    Emma Lounge Chair
  19. Industry West Cricket Lounge Chair
    Cricket Lounge Chair
    Regular Price $415 Special Price $311
  20. Industry West Sunday Lounge Chair
    Sunday Lounge Chair
  21. Industry West Hero Lounge Chair
    Hero Lounge Chair
  22. Capo Chair
    Capo Chair
  23. Industry West Cane Lounge Chair
    Cane Lounge Chair
    Regular Price $1,200 Special Price $1,140
  24. Industry West Bayley Armchair
    Bayley Armchair
  25. Industry West Sinclair Armchair
    Sinclair Armchair
  26. Industry West Oslo Chair Black Leather
    Oslo Chair
  27. Penny Lounge Chair
    Penny Lounge Chair
  28. Industry West Proper Chair
    Proper Chair
    Regular Price $375 Special Price $356
  29. Industry West Mulholland Occasional Chair
    Mulholland Occasional Chair
    Regular Price $1,575 Special Price $1,496
  30. Industry West Amigo Chair
    Amigo Chair
    Regular Price $700 Special Price $525
  31. Industry West Melbourne Lounge Chair
    Melbourne Lounge Chair
  32. Savoy Dining Chair Leather
    Savoy Dining Chair Leather
  33. Industry West Compass Lounge Chair Wood
    Compass Lounge Chair Wood
    Regular Price $690 Special Price $656
  34. Industry West Topping Ottoman
    Topping Ottoman
  35. Channel Chair
    Channel Chair
  36. Industry West Aria Lounge Chair
    Aria Lounge Chair
  37. Industry West Cricket Chair
    Cricket Chair
    Regular Price $265 Special Price $199
  38. Industry West Canary Dining Chair
    Canary Dining Chair
  39. Industry West Jenson Dining Chair
    Jenson Dining Chair
  40. Industry West Finland Lounge Chair
    Finland Lounge Chair
    Regular Price $1,990 Special Price $1,493
  41. Industry West Carmel Chair
    Carmel Chair
  42. Industry West Los Feliz Lounge Chair
    Los Feliz Lounge Chair
    Regular Price $950 Special Price $760
  43. Industry West Liam Chair
    Liam Chair
    Regular Price $575 Special Price $431
  44. Industry West Bjorg Chair
    Bjorg Lounge Chair
  45. Folding Leather Lounge
    Folding Leather Lounge
  46. Industry West Geo Lounge Chair
    Geo Lounge Chair
  47. Industry West Jimmy Cooper Chair
    Jimmy Cooper Chair
  48. Industry West Santiago Club Chair
    Santiago Club Chair
  49. Industry West Juniper Lounge Chair
    Juniper Lounge Chair
  50. Industry West Sable Armchair
    Sable Armchair
  51. Alyson Lounge Chair
    Alyson Lounge Chair
  52. Industry West Bruges Chair
    Bruges Chair
    Regular Price $825 Special Price $619

84 Items

Set Descending Direction