Stackable Chairs

No matter if you’re trying to source elegantly designed stackable chairs for your home or you want to add a bit of an updated flair to an upscale office space, look no further than our superior line of modern seating options. Ideal for a chic living space or outside in the elements, Industry West provides remarkable stacking chairs to accommodate your unique tastes. Able to maximize space efficiency without sacrificing aesthetics, take your pick from a range of pieces appropriate for common areas or peruse our collection of stackable patio chairs to enjoy the fresh air with style and comfort.

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  1. Outo Side Chair
    Outo Side Chair
  2. Outo Lounge Chair
    Outo Lounge Chair
  3. Parker Side Chair
    Parker Side Chair
  4. Dove Side Chair
    Dove Side Chair
  5. Ola Side Chair
    Ola Side Chair
    Regular Price $350 Special Price $175
  6. Suzie Dining Chair
    Suzie Dining Chair
  7. Scout Chair
    Scout Chair
  8. Fullerton Chair
    Fullerton Chair
  9. Resident Chair
    Resident Chair
  10. Surpil Dining Chair
    Surpil Dining Chair
  11. Cradle Side Chair
    Cradle Side Chair
  12. Ally Chair
    Ally Chair
  13. Northcote Chair
    Northcote Chair
  14. Holi Side Chair
    Holi Side Chair
  15. Holi Armchair
    Holi Armchair
  16. Revival Chair
    Revival Chair
    Regular Price $160 Special Price $99
  17. Verlaine Chair
    Verlaine Chair
  18. Industry West Pilgrim Chair
    Pilgrim Chair
  19. Tilt Side Chair
    Tilt Side Chair
  20. Strut Side Chair
    Strut Side Chair
  21. Beacon Chair
    Beacon Chair
    Regular Price $150 Special Price $99
  22. Rene Side Chair
    Rene Side Chair
    Regular Price $150 Special Price $99
  23. Trace Chair Leather
    Trace Chair Leather
  24. Industry West Trace Chair
    Trace Chair
  25. Industry West Volley Chair
    Volley Chair
  26. Industry West Stellar Chair
    Stellar Chair
  27. Industry West Academy Side Chair
    Academy Side Chair
    Regular Price $235 Special Price $120
  28. Industry West Toou JOI Chair
    JOI Twenty Chair
  29. Industry West JOI Twentyfour Chair
    JOI Twentyfour Chair
  30. Industry West Transit Chair
    Transit Chair
  31. Industry West Slant Chair
    Slant Side Chair
  32. Sling Chair
    Sling Chair
  33. Marais Vintage Chair
    Marais Vintage Chair
  34. Monaco Side Chair
    Monaco Side Chair
  35. Marais Armchair by Industry West
    Marais Armchair
  36. Rubik Chair
    Rubik Chair
  37. Marais AC Chair
    Marais AC Chair
  38. Industry West Marais A Side Chair
    Marais A Side Chair
  39. Nomad Chair
    Nomad Chair
  40. Graduate Chair
    Graduate Chair
  41. Freshman Chair
    Freshman Chair

43 Items

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