Metal Chairs

Metal chairs serve a simple utility, but when selecting one for your home or business the process can be anything but simple. Before considering what type of chair you’re in the market for, consider the style that suits you. Find the balance between form and function by perusing our full line of industrial and mid-century modern and vintage metal chairs. Both sharp and urbane, choose from a variety of metal chairs perfectly suited for the kitchen, dining room or patio.

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  1. Malena Armchair
    Malena Armchair
  2. Industry West Lucy Side Chair in Aluminum
    Lucy Side Chair
  3. Suzy Side Chair
    Suzy Side Chair
  4. Marais Armchair by Industry West
    Marais Armchair
  5. Industry West Marais A Side Chair
    Marais A Side Chair
  6. Industry West Octane Chair
    Octane Chair
  7. Scout Chair
    Scout Chair
  8. Industry West Marais AC Chair
    Marais AC Chair
  9. Industry West Volley Chair
    Volley Chair
    Regular Price $215 Special Price $150
  10. Flanders Chair
    Flanders Chair
  11. Industry West Slant Chair
    Slant Side Chair
  12. Habitus Chair
    Habitus Chair
  13. Industry West Scoop Chair
    Scoop Chair
  14. Marais Armchair with a Wood Seat
    Marais Armchair with a Wood Seat
  15. Freshman Chair
    Freshman Chair
  16. Marais Vintage Chair
    Marais Vintage Chair
  17. Industry West Surpil Dining Chair
    Surpil Dining Chair
    Regular Price $185 Special Price $130
  18. Industry West Moxie Chair
    Moxie Chair

20 Items

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