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Lounge Chairs

Lounge chairs have no equal when you’re in the mood for an engrossing novel and a warming cup of tea. Or maybe drifting away the stress of everyday life in blissful meditation is more your style. No matter how you want to relax, our line of stunning chaise and Eames lounge chairs covers a variety of looks from mid-century modern to minimalist. A perfect blend of both comfort and upscale appeal, nothing says luxury quite like a stylish lounge chair in your living room or bedroom. Once you’ve found the piece you love, be careful when it lures you in — you just might not want to get out of it.

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  1. McQueen Club Chair
    McQueen Club Chair
  2. Moda Lounge Chair
    Moda Lounge Chair
  3. Hero Lounge Chair
    Hero Lounge Chair
  4. Cloud Lounge Chair
    Cloud Lounge Chair
  5. Avery Lounge Chair
    Avery Lounge Chair
  6. Barlow Lounge Chair
    Barlow Lounge Chair
  7. Dune Lounge Chair
    Dune Lounge Chair
  8. Morgan Chair
    Morgan Chair
  9. Fable Lounge Chair
    Fable Lounge Chair
  10. Ardmore Lounge Chair
    Ardmore Lounge Chair
  11. Lotus Lounge Chair
    Lotus Lounge Chair
  12. Harper Chair
    Harper Chair
  13. Sandro Lounge Chair
    Sandro Lounge Chair
    Regular Price $795 Special Price $555
  14. Capo Chair
    Capo Chair
  15. Canary Dining Chair
    Canary Dining Chair
  16. Carmel Dining Chair
    Carmel Dining Chair
  17. Industry West Sunday Lounge Chair
    Sunday Lounge Chair
  18. Sunday Lounge Chair
    Sunday Lounge Chair Leather
  19. Mulholland Chair
    Mulholland Chair
  20. Industry West Churchill Wingback Chair
    Churchill Wingback Chair
  21. Santiago Club Chair
    Santiago Club Chair
  22. Industy West Finch Club Chair
    Finch Club Chair
  23. Manhattan Club Chair
    Manhattan Club Chair
  24. Industry West Canyon Club Chair
    Canyon Club Chair
  25. Ventall Lounge Chair
    Ventall Lounge Chair
  26. Georges Armchair
    Georges Armchair
  27. Diego 18% POL/ 10% LIN./15% CO/ %7% VISC. Martindale: 100 dry-clean recommended
    Haraboro Club Chair
  28. Duke Club Chair
    Duke Club Chair
  29. Hugo Lounge Chair
    Hugo Lounge Chair
  30. Zafra Lounge Chair High Back
    Zafra Lounge Chair High Back
  31. Brittany Lounge Chair
    Brittany Lounge Chair
    Regular Price $1,250 Special Price $900
  32. Dunhill Chair
    Dunhill Chair
  33. Jimmy Cooper Chair
    Jimmy Cooper Chair
  34. Foil Lounge Chair
    Foil Lounge Chair
  35. Industry West Essex Club Chair
    Essex Club Chair
    Regular Price $1,750 Special Price $800
  36. Channel Chair
    Channel Chair
  37. Dandy Chair
    Dandy Chair
  38. Zafra Lounge Chair
    Zafra Lounge Chair
  39. Dandy Armchair
    Dandy Armchair
  40. Industry West Lucia Armchair Leather
    Lucia Armchair Leather
  41. Industry West Lucia Side Chair Leather
    Lucia Side Chair Leather
  42. Jean Lounge Chair
    Jean Lounge Chair
  43. Capri Love Seat
    Capri Love Seat
    Regular Price $1,950 Special Price $600
  44. Carlos Chair
    Carlos Chair
  45. Clive Chair
    Clive Chair