Arm Chairs

Arm chairs and accent chairs aren’t just about comfort — the right piece can be a bold statement. A striking, modern arm chair can serve as a room’s attention-grabbing focal point or be a reserved, minimalist component to succinctly tie a space together. Utility is core to any finely-crafted arm chair, but the difference lies in selecting a chair that accurately conveys your individual sense of style. In our selection of arm chairs and accent chairs, Industry West handpicks every single piece to ensure that you’ll find something you’ll love. Ornate or simple; sophisticated or effortless — it all depends on what you want your office or home to say.

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  1. Marais Armchair with a Wood Seat
    Marais Armchair with a Wood Seat
  2. Industry West Sol Armchair
    Sol Armchair
    Regular Price $800 Special Price $752
  3. Industry West Album Armchair
    Album Armchair
    Regular Price $995 Special Price $935
  4. Industry West Estate Dining Chair
    Estate Dining Chair
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  6. Malena Armchair
    Malena Armchair
  7. Compass Armchair Upholstered
    Compass Armchair Upholstered
  8. Industry West Melt Rocking Chair
    Melt Rocking Chair
  9. Industry West Grafton Chair
    Grafton Chair
  10. Industry West Savoy Dining Chair
    Savoy Dining Chair
  11. Industry West Churchill Wingback Chair
    Churchill Wingback Chair
  12. Industy West Finch Club Chair
    Finch Club Chair
  13. Clive Chair
    Clive Chair
  14. Format Lounge Chair
    Format Lounge Chair
  15. Industry West McQueen Club Chair
    McQueen Club Chair
  16. Marais Armchair by Industry West
    Marais Armchair
  17. Industry West Bayley Armchair
    Bayley Armchair
  18. Industry West Alpha Chair
    Alpha Chair
  19. Industry West Aria Lounge Chair
    Aria Lounge Chair
  20. Compass Outdoor Armchair
    Compass Outdoor Armchair
  21. Compass Armchair
    Compass Armchair
  22. Industry West Spout Chair
    Spout Chair
  23. Cane Armchair
    Cane Armchair
  24. Industry West Sunday Lounge Chair
    Sunday Lounge Chair
  25. Industry West Sinclair Armchair
    Sinclair Armchair
  26. Soren Lounge Chair
    Soren Lounge Chair
    Regular Price $890 Special Price $837
  27. Industry West Oslo Chair Black Leather
    Oslo Chair
  28. Leon Chair
    Leon Chair
    Regular Price $395 Special Price $371
  29. Metl Lounge Chair
    Metl Lounge Chair
    Regular Price $1,300 Special Price $1,222
  30. Industry West Lucia Armchair Leather
    Lucia Armchair Leather
  31. Industry West Scoop Chair
    Scoop Chair
    Regular Price $329 Special Price $309
  32. Industry West Hauteville Rocking Chair
    Hauteville Rocking Chair
    Regular Price $790 Special Price $555
  33. Industry West Canary Dining Chair
    Canary Dining Chair
  34. Industry West Mono Chair
    Mono Chair
  35. Industry West Totem Armchair
    Totem Armchair
  36. Industry West Bjorg Chair
    Bjorg Lounge Chair
  37. Industry West Holi Armchair
    Holi Armchair
  38. Nomad Chair
    Nomad Chair
  39. Industry West Jimmy Cooper Chair
    Jimmy Cooper Chair
  40. Industry West Jenson Dining Chair
    Jenson Dining Chair
  41. Industry West Ripple Chair
    Ripple Chair
  42. Industry West Speck Chair
    Speck Chair
  43. Industry West Sable Armchair
    Sable Armchair
  44. Alyson Lounge Chair
    Alyson Lounge Chair
  45. Industry West Finland Lounge Chair
    Finland Lounge Chair
    Regular Price $1,990 Special Price $1,791
  46. Industry West Melt Lounge Chair
    Melt Lounge Chair

66 Items

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